Frequently Asked Questions

● How far is Naga Hill from Chiang Rai, from the airport, from Laos?

Naga Hill is 10-km away from the city center and just 4-km from the airport. It takes 15 minutes to drive to Chiang Rai. You can get there by tuk-tuk or by taxi. To go to Chiang Khong (Laotian border) is a 70-km (1h30) trip. You can easily catch a bus or hire a taxi to take you there.

● Can you come and pick me up when I get there?

If you wish, we can come and pick you up at Chiang Rai airport. We charge THB 200.00 per transfer (not per person). If you arrive by bus, you can get a taxi at the bus station. Tell him you want to go to Bandou, next to Rajabhat University. This shouldn't cost more than THB 250.00. You can also download our access map

● How many bungalows do you have?

We only have ten bungalows.

● How many people can stay in your bungalows?

Well it depends. Short answer is two people. Long answer is...
  • Small bungalows are good for lovers, brother and sister and more generally for people not afraid of sleeping close to each other.
  • Medium bungalows are more roomy and feature a king size bed. We can also set up the room with twin beds if needed.
  • Large bungalows have a bedroom and a living room space. The bed is king size but cannot be converted to two single beds. If necessary we can add a single bedding in the living room (for children for example)

● Do you have air cond or TV in your bungalows ?

No, we don’t. Only good old fans, mosquito nets... and the sound of nature ! Just for peace of mind, there is a personal safe in every bungalow.

● What extra services are available at Naga Hill Resort?

We organize private Thai cooking classes in the restaurant. We provide traditional massage in your bungalow or by the pool. If needed, we will take care of your laundry. We can also arrange for car, mini-van, motorbike or bicycle rental. Also, feel free to ask us if you need tour, excursions or trekking to be organized.

● Do you have internet ?

Yes, wireless internet is available at Naga Hill. Restaurant and swimming pool area are covered by WiFi.

● Does the room rate includes breakfast?

Yes, it does.

● How can I secure my booking?

Having only ten bungalows gives us little flexibility and we can only operate on “first come, first served” basis. To secure your booking, you will need to pay for your room in advance.

● Do you accept credit card?

Yes, we take Visa and Mastercard.

● What can I see in Chiang Rai province?

National parks, waterfalls, elephant camps, hot springs, temples, palaces, botanical gardens, hilltribes villages, the Golden Triangle, the Mekong river, the opium museum, the burmese border, etc.

● What’s the weather like over there?

There are two main seasons in Chiang Rai:
  • Summer (May to October): tropical weather, hot and humid.
  • Winter (November to April): dry weather, hot but comfortable during the day, cool or even cold at night.
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